How to Draw A Realistic Shark

Drawing realistic things such as a realistic shark takes lot’s of practice, but the more you learn, the more better and easier it gets. So let’s begin with our lesson. When you draw a realistic shark you will need to first learn how to draw a shark. After learning add some extra texture and detail to the shark by adding water reflection, scratches, stretch marks, and of course shading. Try making the shark look real. After learning how to draw a shark all you have to do is tweak it to make it look realistic. Thank you, that’s all the tips that you’ll need for learning how to draw a realistic shark. Bellow is a drawing video from YouTube that teaches you how to draw a realistic shark. Enjoy!

How to Draw A Shark

Here is a drawing tutorial that will teach you how to draw a shark. Sharks are very easy to draw if your good with following directions. Otherwise you won’t be such as good. Drawing a shark or any other animal does have some requirements. You must have some drawing knowledge, drawing/art paper, pencil or pen, or you can use a simple crayon. So now you have the materials, let’s learn how to draw a shark step by step. Hope your ready for drawing a shark because the fun begins now. We also have a YouTube video above this tutorial. Enjoy!

  1. Know your shark. Know what shark your drawing or you’ll end up with drawing a mutated thing which is very creative.
  2. Draw the guidelines. You always will need some guidelines to help yourself draw a shark.
  3. Draw the shapes. Draw the shapes of the shark such as the shape of it’s body and it’s fin. We obviously know a fin has a triangular shape.
  4. Draw the details. Drawing the details includes the eyes, nose, teeth (Optional,) gills, and other textures to make the shark pop-out.

You should be all finished with drawing your shark. If you want, be sure to check out a great drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw a shark here: how to draw a shark. Hope you enjoyed this drawing tutorial and be sure to leave a comment. We enjoy your input.