How to Draw A Shark

Here is a drawing tutorial that will teach you how to draw a shark. Sharks are very easy to draw if your good with following directions. Otherwise you won’t be such as good. Drawing a shark or any other animal does have some requirements. You must have some drawing knowledge, drawing/art paper, pencil or pen, or you can use a simple crayon. So now you have the materials, let’s learn how to draw a shark step by step. Hope your ready for drawing a shark because the fun begins now. We also have a YouTube video above this tutorial. Enjoy!

  1. Know your shark. Know what shark your drawing or you’ll end up with drawing a mutated thing which is very creative.
  2. Draw the guidelines. You always will need some guidelines to help yourself draw a shark.
  3. Draw the shapes. Draw the shapes of the shark such as the shape of it’s body and it’s fin. We obviously know a fin has a triangular shape.
  4. Draw the details. Drawing the details includes the eyes, nose, teeth (Optional,) gills, and other textures to make the shark pop-out.

You should be all finished with drawing your shark. If you want, be sure to check out a great drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw a shark here: how to draw a shark. Hope you enjoyed this drawing tutorial and be sure to leave a comment. We enjoy your input.

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